Staffordshire potters 1781-1900 - R.K. Henrywood

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This is the most comprehensive list of Staffordshire potters published and includes much information unavailable in existing literature. This area produced some ninety percent of the pots made in England and is of prime importance in the study of British ceramics. The list has been assembled by extracting the data contained in directories published in the period, covering more than 10,000 entries from some sixty-one volumes. The book itself consists of introductory chapters covering historical aspects of the survey, a fascinating evaluation of the area under review and the directory of authors and publishers, followed by two major chapters - the assembled alphabetical list of over 3,000 potters and listings of all the original directory entries in date order. The work covers all potters, regardless of their products, working between 1781, the date of the earliest surviving directory, and the beginning of the twentieth century, by far the most popular period for collectors

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