Hindu temple of art of Orissa 3 volumes. Thomos E. Donaldson

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Publisher E.J. Brill Leiden.

The state of Orissa, situated on the northeast of India, has an extremely rich religious and cultural heritage. yet its art has been sadly neglected. This book is a study of the Hindu temple art of Orissa with particular reference to the city of Bhubaneswar, which among the cities of India is unique in that its extant temples cover nearly a 1000 years of sustained architectural activity.

The book is divided in two main sections. In the first of these, Part I (Chapters I-VIII), the temples are treated in a broad chronological and regional sequence with a brief historical introduction at the beginning of each chapter. In Part II the stylistic evolution an iconographic program of select individual features, motifs and sculptures are analzed in detail, emphasizing continuity and change. Chapters IX-XII are devoted to individual architectural features while chapters XIII-XVIII delineate the stylistic evolution an iconographic development of sculptural motifs.

This comprehensive monograph introduces hitherto little-know Orissan temples and sculptures an should prove to be an invaluable encyclopedic source-book in respect to statistic an iconographicc evolution

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