Cast-iron furniture and all other forms of iron furniture. Georg Himmelheber

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This book documents the history and diversity of iron furniture, from Roman models to Art Nouveau. However, in the 19th century iron furniture was at the forefront of early industrial production and this period is highlighted here.

Iron seemed to be suitable for everything from railway lines to steam boilers to jewelry and furniture. Beds, chairs, tables, benches and small furniture made of cast iron, the most modern and versatile material of the time, were available thanks to its durability and affordable price.

The art historical development of iron furniture has long been neglected, and this book provides a systematic illustrated record of the many different forms with two great names: Karl Friedrich Schinkel of Germany and Christopher Dresser of the United Kingdom.

With over 460 types of iron furniture on 160 pages of illustrations, Georg Himmelheber offers furniture experts and dealers, designers and collectors the first complete and international overview of this extremely popular piece of furniture. This book is also an important contribution to the cultural history of the 19th century.

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