Britten's watch & clock maker's handbook dictionary and guide

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16th edition revised by Richard Good. 2-color printing. Over 700 line illustrations. Excellent redrawn, many new tables. Glossary with 4 language equivalents. Select bibliography. Comprehensive general listings from index manufacturers and suppliers. Richard Good is a practicing watchmaker and designer.

For a century, this unique handbook has been called the watchmaker's bible. The 16th Edition has been re-edited and expanded to cover developments in the Quartz Crystal Age of watchmaking and also to restore some material on older works that had been deleted in previous editions. The text follows the principles of sound practical instruction, coupled with clear and simple language and excellent draftsmanship, and the format has been redesigned for easier use on a bench. It is a primary reference for manufacturers and repairers, as well as materials dealers, but today also has new relevance for antique collectors and restorers, where technical descriptions and diagrams are crucial for parts that must be made from scratch.

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